A downloadable DCDOR for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

UPDATE2: We have updated a new Windows Version with platform specific UI change, please download DCDOR_WindowsVer.zip or DCDOR_Chinese_WindowsVer.zip.

更新2:我们上传了一个全新的Windows版本,其中的UI提示全部换成对应的Windows按键,你可以直接下载 DCDOR_WindowsVer.zip 或 DCDOR_Chinese_WindowsVer.zip在Windows上体验游戏。

UPDATE1: We found out there's a small bug in the Ending CG in gameshell version, I have uploaded a fixed version DCDOR_final_fixEnding.love. Windows versions are not affected.

更新1:我们发现Gameshell版本的结尾cg处有个小的按键bug,我上传了一个 DCDOR_final_fixEnding.love来fix这个问题,windows版本没有问题。(百度网盘的文件是最新的没有bug)

UPDATE0: Special build for windows with 960*720 resolution has been released! Please download DCDOR_v1.1.zip or DCDOR_Chinese_v1.1.zip on Windows to have a try!

更新0:我们重新编译了一个分辨率为960*720的Windows版本,该版本将带来更好的体验。你可以直接下载 DCDOR_v1.1.zip 或 DCDOR_Chinese_v1.1.zip在Windows上体验游戏。

Our game is a minimalist tactical game that contains elements from puzzle-platform games. It tells a story about a game console who falls in love with the player.

The goal of the game is to control Juliet, the humanoid game console, and Romeo, the man, to defeat all the enemies chasing them within the grid, and to finally find a paradise where there is no barrier between different species, and they can be in love freely.  

In terms of the game mechanics, we Interpreted the theme ’SHIFT’ from aspects of ‘displacement’ and ‘switch’, players control the displacement of every movable units including the protagonists and the enemies within the grid using the arrow keys. Two protagonists have different skills and objectives, while players are able to launch skills to switch the location between them at any time in order to response to the constant challenges in the game. Our team members are ethusastic fans of Jonathan Blow, that we believe if we have these naturally and beautiful rules set up, the levels will come out of the way to us instead we build them artificially.

The whole experience of the game is similar to that of solving chess endgames, but in a much gentler way. While in the game, players will experience a journey of strategising and consolidating at every step.

We decided to employ the Cyberpunk artistic style for our game, adopting imagines like ’circuit board’, ‘electric conductors’ to represent our game scenes, while the whole scenes are full of dynamic effects and details; Musically, we employed electronic music aesthetics and styles that are more uplifting and dynamic to integrate closely with the artistic style and game mechanics.

How to control:


  • Move: cross key
  • Attack: X
  • Taunt: B
  • Traspose: Y
  • Menu: Start
  • Help: Select
  • Confirm: A
  • Cancel: B

Windows version

  • Move: WSAD
  • Attack: X
  • Taunt: K
  • Transpose: I
  • Menu: Enter
  • Help: Space
  • Confirm: J
  • Cancel:K


  • 我们游戏是一款含推箱子要素的极简化策略战棋游戏,讲述了一段人与游戏机相爱的故事。
  • 游戏的目的是操控身为“人型游戏机”的朱丽叶与身为人类的罗密欧消灭地图内所有追捕他们的敌人,最终寻找到一个种族与种族间没有隔阂,可以自由相爱的乐土。
  • 在游戏机制方面,我们从“位移”和“交换”去解读了SHFIT这个主题,玩家可以用方向键控制地图内控制敌我双方全员单位的位移。两位主角在游戏内有不同的能力和定位,而玩家随时可以发动能力交换两位主角的位置,去应对游戏中各种充满变化的局面。
  • 我方核心主创团队都是吹哥乔纳森布洛的粉丝,我们坚信在设计好这些自洽可信的规则后,关卡内容就会源源不断的自主生成。
  • 整个游戏的体验类似于“象棋”的解残局,但又比象棋更为轻度。在我们的游戏中,可以感受到一段步步为营,运筹帷幄的旅程。
  • 游戏艺术风格上我们采用了赛博朋克风格,以电路板、电容导体等意像来表示游戏场景,整个场景中充满了动态特效与细节;音乐上采用了较为激烈和动感的旋律,与玩法紧密结合。



  • 移动: cross key
  • 攻击: X
  • 嘲讽: B
  • 交换: Y
  • 菜单: Start
  • 帮助: Select
  • 确认: A
  • 取消: B

Windows version

  • 移动: WSAD
  • 攻击: U
  • 嘲讽: K
  • 交换: I
  • 菜单: Enter
  • 帮助: Space
  • 确认: J
  • 取消: K



PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
TagsChess, Cyberpunk, LÖVE
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese (Simplified)

Install instructions

For gameshell version, download the .love file and copy to games\love2d folder.

Remember to turn on Lima driver in gameshell setting for better experience.


请在Gameshell上打开Lima Driver保证流畅度,谢谢!


DCDOR_final.love 37 MB
DCDOR_Chinese_final.love 37 MB
DCDOR_Chinese_final_fixEnding.love 37 MB
DCDOR_final_fixEnding.love 37 MB
DCDOR_Chinese_WindowsVer.zip 41 MB
DCDOR_WindowsVer.zip 41 MB

Development log


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I played the linux English version and really enjoyed it! Good puzzles, nice music and graphics, and well coded. I thought I found a bug at the end, but it was a joke instead? I looked at the_end.png when I tried to fix your code. Strange. 太奇怪了

How do I play this on Android?

Sorry, you can't play it on android for now

Great, but the needs a full screen mode please.

This game is built intended for gameshell machine, so the original resolution will be fixed to 320*240, fullscreen mode will be very blurred.

And with an extendable window? maybe with some ways to enlarge the screen without looking blurry they would solve:

1x 320x240 (Original resolution)

2x 640x480

3x 960x720

such a way to extend the resolutions according to the original would be fine.

Hmm, I know what you mean, but the art resources used are all at 320*240, so it will need a bit of work to upscale them, I may do this tomorrow.

or in 3 days for better work.

(1 edit)

Hi Ofihombre, I've update a windows version with 960*720 resolution, please enjoy.